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New York, NY 10016
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About Cosmetic Dentistry NYC

Your Smile could be just another in the whole World,
But for Someone, Your Smile could be the whole World!

 A  practicing general dentist in New York,  Dr Titov's  passion is to help people achieve  a beautiful, healthy smile.   "For as long as I  could remember, I have had a strong passion for dentistry.  Merely perceived as a branch of medicine, dentistry is really the perfect combination of art and precise architecture.  To me walking into my office on the daily basis doesn't revolve around the idea of business, but rather around making my patients happy, one smile at a time.  "
Dr. Igor Titov received his degree from NYU College of dentistry.  After graduating, Dr. Titov began practicing and established his own practice in the heart of Brooklyn, NY and later on in NYC.

Since that time he has been dedicated to maintaining and improving the dental health of his patients.  He has over 20 years of experience as a general dentist.  Dr Titov enjoys all areas of comprehensive dental care from the preventive treatment and simple restorations to root canals, crowns, bridge work and cosmetic dentistry.   Committed to providing the best, most advanced  dental care, Dr. Titov keeps up to date on the advances in dental field and enhances his skills by attending continuing education courses

You can talk to Dr Titov at 212-686-1145
You can visit the clinic at 274 Madison Ave Suite 501 New York, NY 10016
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