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Dental Sealants in NYC

Sealants are acrylic-like material that is used to protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth by creating a blockade against bacteria and acid excretions inside the mouth. Places where bacteria thrive and result in maximum percentage of dental decay are covered with sealants that bonds perfectly well with the tooth enamel. From tiniest crevice to visible surfaces, sealants are very effective against tooth & gums decay.
Every sealant treatment procedure is painless and takes very less time to administer. A solution that prepares the tooth enamel for bonding strongly with the sealant is applied on the surface of tooth. The application and hardening of sealant require radiations of ultraviolet light. Sealants can be used to treat either a single tooth or the complete dental structure. Depending upon the chewing forces, sealants are capable to last longer.
Another widely accepted way of protecting teeth from bacterial decay is the use of Fluoride. While sealants are applied topically by a dentist, fluoride is applied by using fluoride toothpaste daily or using fluoridated solution. Fluoride is capable to remain permanently once it gets absorbed by the tooth enamel.
However, use of these kinds of substances is not a substitute for everyday dental care and hygiene. Brushing twice and flossing daily is very important to maintain good dental health. Supplement your teeth with proper nutrition by eating balanced diet.
As always said, visit a dentist twice in a year if you want your smile to last for longer years. Routine check-up, tooth cleaning, dental fillings, crowns, sealants and root canals are the best way to maintain and enhance good quality of teeth and smile.
Dentists at Cosmetic Dentistry NYC are determined to give best possible dental care solutions. The experts know the right procedure that results in improved and enhanced beauty of smile. Take a look at Before & After gallery for the amazing results of Cosmetic Dentistry NYC treatment procedures on our patients.
To know more about the right kind of treatment for your dental problems, schedule an appointment today.
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