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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should a dentist be seen?

You should visit a dentist at least twice a year for your dental care checkup, evaluation, and cleaning.

How many times in a day one should brush their teeth?

Most professionals recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing after every meal is a very healthy habit to maintain good dental health.

Can use of a particular toothpaste can be better than other?

No, any fluoride containing toothpaste is enough to decrease the incidence of dental decay coupled with proper brushing techniques.

How important is flossing for our teeth hygiene?

Flossing can greatly help cavities from forming between the teeth where toothbrush cannot reach. It helps in keeping the gums healthy. Flossing once before bedtime is one of good dental habits

What is the normal age for my child to have the first tooth?

Most of the children get their first tooth around six months of age. Pattern of tooth development depends on various factors where few kids may not get their teeth until one year of age.

What is the good time for my child to come for first dental visit?

You can bring in your child for first dental visit at the age of 1. The visit aims to assess your child's teeth development and the risks for development of dental diseases. It will work as a guide to care for your child's teeth at an early age.

How laser has been used in dentistry to treat variety of troubles?

Laser is being used today to treat problems related to tooth decay, gum disease, biopsy or lesion removal, and teeth whitening.

What are dental sealants, who can benefit from them and how long they last?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surface of a tooth, usually back teeth. It is basically done for those who wish to prevent tooth decay. It bonds into the depressions to provide a protective shield over tooth enamel. They can provide protection from tooth decay for up to 10 years but need to be checked for chipping and wearing.

What causes oral cancer?

Chewing tobacco in any form and excessive drinking coupled with tobacco use increases the risks of development of oral cancer. Also bad hygiene and prolonged irritation of oral cavity can increase the risks of development of oral cancer as well. Adequate intake of vitamin A and E can prevent fostering of oral cancer.

What are the causes of tooth loss?

The two most common causes of tooth loss are tooth decay and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes plaques to build up and is known as gingivitis in early stages.

What is a periodontal disease?

It is a form of chronic bacterial infection that can cause damage to gums and teeth that support your teeth ultimately leading to variety of tooth problems.

Does Teeth Whitening work on everyone?

Teeth whitening can work great for individuals with mild discoloration of teeth but those with severe discoloration should consider other cosmetic dentistry options like veneers or composite bonding.

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