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Inlays/Onlays offer an easy way to protect and restore large section of decayed, damaged and heavily restored tooth. They are different from crowns because unlike them Inlays/Onlays cover only a part of the tooth, and require far less tooth preparation. Porcelain inlays/Onlays have emerged as aesthetic alternatives to composite fillings which offer a high degree of strength, and better option for restoring weak back teeth.
Major differences between composite filling and Inlays/Onlays are that the latter are made in the laboratory while former is done in the dentist office. Material used in the fabrication of Inlays/Onlays is very different which makes it way stronger and more durable than tooth colored composite filling.
At Cosmetic Dentistry NYC, we provide porcelain Inlays/Onlays customized to match your natural tooth shade. Made with same strong, tooth colored material that is used for crowns and bridgework, porcelain Inlays/Onlays are virtually undetectable when custom made.
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