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Tooth Extraction in NYC

The process of removal of teeth from its socket in the bone is known as Tooth Extraction. Under various reasons and considering factors, highly skilled and experienced dental surgeons of Cosmetic Dentistry NYC will suggest the most appropriate way of tooth removal to perform requisite treatment.
Generally, a broken or damaged tooth due to decay can be fixed with the help of fillings, crowns and other dental treatments. But when the damage is too much and is not worth to be repaired, the tooth needs to be extracted. Apart from this, there are several reasons why extraction of tooth is done, such as –
  • For making room for the required teeth movement by using braces.
  • For getting rid of extra teeth that block other teeth to come into place.
  • Teeth extraction is also done for those who are receiving radiation on head and neck.
  • In the treatment of cancer, teeth get infected due to continuous medication of cancer drugs.
  • Patients undergoing any organ transplant may require extraction of some teeth to lower the risk of disperse infection.
  • In late teens or early 20s, third molars, often called as wisdom teeth are sometimes extracted as it get stuck in the jaw.
Tooth extraction is a process where a dentist performs thorough examination of the tooth area of a patient by taking x-rays and doing dental tests. If required, dental professionals administer conscious sedation or deeper anesthesia according to the case and patient's comfort. Some dental care experts advocate staying empty stomach for 6 to 8 hours before the treatment and prescribing antibiotics before and after the treatment.
The extraction of tooth is carried out in different types of processes and procedures employed by a dental surgeon. Their highly advanced dental instruments and gears serve the purpose of tooth extraction. Local anesthesia, conscious sedation, incision in gum, tooth cutting, etc. are some of the commonly engaged practices for extracting tooth successfully.
For complete information and consultation of your oral care, fix an appointment with the professional dentists of Cosmetic Dentistry NYC.
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